The Book of Concord site supports a number of shortlink formats. These formats will be documented here.

Preliminary Matters

Almost all paragraphs (including many of those that are not numbered in the text) have links to them. These links follow a standard format. For example, a link to the seventh paragraph of the tenth article of the Augsburg Confession would be: There are also a number of shortlink formats available (detailed, infra).

The preferred shortlink for the Augsburg Confession paragraph used in the prior example:

n.b., the paragraph number is always four digits (this applies to all documents within Concordia); only major documents (currently) have shortlinks support.

Format Options


  • Final forward slashes do not matter; these can be included or excluded without consequence.
    • It is preferred to exclude final forward slashes when citing directly to a paragraph, but to include them when merely citing to a document or an entire article.




  • hyphen (e.g.,
  • forward slash (e.g.,

If you are waging a personal campaign against order and good taste, you may even combine these (e.g., or

Format Examples

Numerical References

Each document in the Book of Concord has a number (corresponding to its place in the Book of Concord) associated with it on

  1. Preface
  2. Ecumenical Creeds
  3. Augsburg Confession
  4. Apology of the Augsburg Confession
  5. Smalcald Articles
  6. Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope
  7. Small Catechism
  8. Large Catechism
  9. Epitome of the Formula of Concord
  10. Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord

The shortlink system is currently being upgraded to include a means by which to reference each document using these numbers. The system is complete with regard to the Small Catechism and the Large Catechism. This means that each of these documents may be shortlinked to using numbers.


Small Catechism, Part I (Ten Commandments), Commandment I


This will link to the first paragraph of the First Commandment in Part I of the Small Catechism.

  • Small Catechism: /07/
  • Part I: /02/ (the Preface is /01/)
  • First Commandment: /01/
  • Paragraph 1: /0001/

The paragraph number (in the example, 0001) is optional.


The foregoing link will go to Part I (the Ten Commandments) of the Small Catechism.

Please reply to this topic if you have any questions concerning or encounter any issues using shortlinks.

However, before posting, please review the documentation included in the first post in this topic and read any other posts in this topic.

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