Daily Devotion for 24 May 2023 (Easter 7, Wednesday)

Originally published at: Daily Devotion for 24 May 2023 (Easter 7, Wednesday) | Confident.Faith


  • Psalm 118
  • Psalm 9
  • Numbers 16:23–40
  • Luke 19:29–48
  • Formula of Concord: Solid Declaration, XI, 33–37


Today we commemorate Esther. Esther, who is the heroine of the Biblical book that bears her name, became the queen of King Ahasuerus. Using her position of power, Esther was able to uncover a plot to exterminate her people and have the architect of that plot hanged, and his office filled by her uncle and guardian, Mordecai. Esther’s story reveals to us how God works to preserve His saints and to deliver them from evil.


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