Daily Devotion for 02 January 2023 (9th Day of Christmas)

Originally published at: Daily Devotion for 02 January 2023 (9th Day of Christmas) | Confident.Faith


  • Psalm 62
  • Psalm 98
  • Isaiah 62:1–12
  • Luke 2:1–20
  • Large Catechism, I, 311–323


Today we commemorate J. K. Wilhelm Löhe, Pastor. Johann Konrad Wilhelm Löhe served as the pastor of Neuendettelsau in the Bavarian Alps in the 1800s. Although he never left Germany, Löhe had a significant impact on Lutheranism in North America. Recognizing the need for Church workers, Löhe assisted in the training of missionary pastors to be sent to the New World and Australia. A number of the men sent by Löhe would become founders of what is today the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (the LCMS). It was also due in part to Löhe’s financial backing that a theological school in Fort Wayne, IN, and a teachers’ institute in Saginaw, MI, were established. Löhe is widely recognized and fondly remembered for his confessional integrity and his dedication to Christian charity.


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