Daily Devotion for 01 May 2023 (Easter 4, Monday)

Originally published at: Daily Devotion for 01 May 2023 (Easter 4, Monday) | Confident.Faith


  • Psalm 119:129–138
  • Psalm 96
  • Leviticus 9:1–24
  • Luke 9:18–36
  • Formula of Concord: Solid Declaration, VIII, 1–6


Today we celebrate the festival of St. Philip and St. James, Apostles. St. Philip, from Bethsaida in Galilee, was one of the first disciples called by Christ. In turn, Philip would bring Nathanael to Jesus. According to tradition, Philip labored and died in Phrygia. St. James, son of Alphaeus and Mary (one of the faithful women who stood at the foot of the cross), is little mentioned in the New Testament and there are no sure records concerning his work after the resurrection or his death. We commemorate these two men as followers of and workers for Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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