A Review of the Various Abuses That Have Been Corrected

Originally published at: https://concordia.confident.faith/augsburg-confession/a-review-of-the-various-abuses-that-have-been-corrected/

1 Our churches do not dissent from any article of the faith held by the Church catholic. They only omit some of the newer abuses. They have been erroneously accepted through the corruption of the times, contrary to the intent of canon law. Therefore, we pray that Your Imperial Majesty will graciously hear what has been changed and why the people are not compelled to observe those things that are abuses against their conscience. 2 Your Imperial Majesty should not believe those who have tried to stir up hatred against us by spreading strange lies among the people. 3 They have given rise to this controversy by stirring up the minds of good people. Now they are trying to increase the controversy using the same methods. 4 Your Imperial Majesty will undoubtedly find that the form of doctrine and ceremonies among us are not as intolerable as these ungodly and ill-intentioned men claim. 5 Besides, the truth cannot be gathered from common rumors or the attacks of enemies. 6 It can easily be judged that if the churches observed ceremonies correctly, their dignity would be maintained and reverence and piety would increase among the people.